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Dec 3, 2013 10:00am EST
. when president obama talked about this great new health care plan, the affordable care act, patient protection and affordable care act, he said that on average families would see a $2,500 per year reduction in what they're paying for health care. mr. speaker, let's go back to the word mendacity. nothing could be further from the truth. the average increase is probably $2,500 a month, not a decrease. this is truly unacceptable. with new mandates in insurance market, concerning essential health benefits, premiums have to increase. and now we finally find out that ms. pelosi was absolutely right. wait until you read it and find out what's in it. where she was wrong is she said, then you would like it. i don't think too many people -- i think the latest number, mr. speaker, that i read, the statistic, was 61% of people today are opposed to obamacare. 61%. that's a lot. hat means 39% either don't have an opinion either way or are not sure are maybe they approve of it. but those are dismal, dismal numbers. we have seen more insurance policies canceled than created as consumers are faced w
Dec 4, 2013 10:00am EST
obama is expected to be talking about the economy, reiterating his call for raising the minimum wage. he's speaking at an event at the center for american progress. we'll have that live for you once it gets under way here on c-span. >> friday on c-span -- "washington journal" looks at the mission and role of the national institutes of health starting live at 7:00 eastern with director francis collins on future projects and the impact of sequestration. at 8:00, allergy and infectious disease anthony fauci followed by director green, director of the human genome institute. at 9:00, national institutes director harold varmus and at 9:30, a look at the national institutes of mental health with dr. thomas insel live on c-span. >> we'll have president obama talking about the economy coming up in a few minutes. it's scheduled for 11:15 a.m. eastern. until then, some house republican reaction to discussions on the iran nuclear program. host: congressman, let me begin with the iran nuclear deal. in "the washington post" this morning, this is how they begin their story. host: which do you thin
Dec 2, 2013 2:30pm EST
talk about a place where immigration and health come together and i thank president obama for lifting the travel ban on those affected with h.i.v. -- infected with h.i.v. it had been my original intent to talk about world aids day, which we celebrated yesterday but i wanted to pay my respects to those fasting for immigration. our work on h.i.v.-aids has been a product of bipartisan cooperation in this congress over a long period of time. in the white house, though, first with president clinton, we increased the bilateral programs to fight aids and helped create, authorize and fund the global fund. then under the leadership of president bush we established pepfar and provided the necessary funding to ramp up emergency response to the crisis. president obama has strengthened those efforts and boosted our investments by law firming the national hiv-aids strategy. in addition to that, president obama announces that pepfar would not only reach its goal of providing treatment for six million people by 2013, but will exceed that farget by providing 6.7 million people with life-saving
Dec 10, 2013 10:00am EST
. we're talking manipulation, harassment, hell. two years of work and one vote passage of fast track. that delegation of fast track ended in 2007. president obama is now going to try, he says, to get fast track again. what exactly is fast track and how does it work? this is the story. once fast track, were it to be passed by congress, is in effect, congress delegates over to the president the following five separate authorities that previously were in the authority of congress. one, to unilaterally pick our trade partners. so, for instance, that's how the heck we got colombia, a country we never should have been negotiating a trade agreement with as they are the number one site of unionist assassinations in the world. one country more than all the other countries together of killing of unionists, our trade partner. only because fast track allowed george w. bush unilaterally to pick that country. pick the country, set the terms. fast track has negotiating objectives. as we heard, they are not enforceable. the fast track that created nafta and w.t.o. had negotiating objective requiring
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4